Mustang is one of the largest manufactories of Alkaline batteries.

Production Procedure


Sorting, Rectifying, Sweeping, Cleaning, Quality And Safety

20 alkaline production lines

❸ LR03/AAA 33.000.000 pcs/month

❺ LR6 IAA 56,600.000 pcs/month

❷ LR141C 3,400,000 pcs/month

❷ LR20/D 3,400,000 pcs/month

❻ 6LR61/9V 2.100,000 pcs/month

➊ 3LR1214.5V 220,000 pcs/month

➊ 4LR25/6V 220,000 pcs/month

➊ LRD25AAAA 13.000,000 pcs/month

110 ,540,000


20 ZinoChloride production lines

❻ R03/AAA   18,900,000 pcs/month

❼ R6 IAA   30,600,000 pcs/month

❷ R14/C   5,400,000 pcs/month

❸ R20 /D   5400,000 pcs/month

➊ 3R12/4.5V   900,000 pcs/month

➊ 4R25/6V   675,000 pcs/month

62 ,000,000

Equipments Show


First Generation

Automatic high performance high speed production line

Features: automatic production, stable product quality, LR6 / LR03 / lr61 up to 600 per minute.


The Second Generation

Automatic digital production line

Features: unmanned operation, digital system, combined application of AGV, domestic leading and international advanced level.


The Second Generation

Automatic digital production line

Features: unmanned operation, digital system, combined application of AGV, domestic leading and international advanced level.

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Quality Assurance


1. The products are subject to national standard and international IEC double standard

L GB / t8897.1 (IEC 60086.1) primary battery general

L GB / t8897.2 (IEC 60086.2) external dimensions and technical requirements of primary cells

L GB / t8897.4 (IEC 60086.4) safety requirements for lithium batteries

L GB / t8897.5 (IEC 60086.5) safety requirements for aqueous electrolyte batteries

2. Safety inspection of products

L storage of battery after partial discharge: (simulate that the battery is idle for a long time but not removed after use)

Discharge 50% of the battery at 45 ℃ ° No leakage was found after 30 days storage.

L battery impact test (simulating collision and loading and unloading in transportation)

When the battery is fixed on the impact table in three different directions and impacted with 150gn (acceleration), the voltage drop of the battery is less than 0.03V and there is no liquid leakage.

L high and low temperature impact resistance:

Under the condition of - 20 ℃ low temperature for 4 hours and + 70 ℃ high temperature for 4 hours, the battery has 20 cycles without liquid leakage.

L vibration (simulating vibration in transportation)

Put the battery on the shaking table in three different directions, and vibrate for 90 minutes under the condition of 10hz-55hz, 1.6mm amplitude, 1Hz change per minute. The battery does not leak and the voltage drop is less than 0.02v

3. Reasonable foreseeable Abuse Detection

L reverse charging: four batteries are connected in series, one of which is reversed polarity, keeping 24 hours without damage.

L external short circuit: use the battery with < 0.1 Ω The conductor is directly connected with positive and negative poles for 24 hours without damage.

Over discharge: a discharged battery is connected in series with three new batteries (with a resistor added). When the voltage drops to 2.4V, it will not be damaged.

Free drop: the battery falls freely from 1m height for 6 times, and the voltage drops to < 0.03V without damage.

4. Third party certification

L company passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

L company passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification

The product has passed the SGS test, and its electrical performance, heavy metal content and safety have reached the standard.



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